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The organization was set up based on the philosophy that Shelter is one of the basic Human needs, a place that can protect us, keep us warm and safe, and give us the encouragement to satisfy other needs. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, shelter is one of the requirements for addressing our physiological needs in order to be motivated to move to our next level of needs.


Due Dilligence.

Utmost Excellence.

Our team provides accurate and reliable analysis to
support your important real estate decisions. We’re your
partner in every aspect of a real estate transaction.

We’re able to customize our work to the specific needs of
the client and assignment – whether a single asset or
global scale portfolio.

Our engagements are as diverse as our clients, they are
exciting and challenging. With the highest level of ethical
standards, professionalism and pure dedication to
excellence in all operational aspects, we aspire to exceed
our Clients’ expectations.

We deliver practical solutions that work. Given the range
of problems we solve for our clients, we are constantly
challenged to grow, improve, accomplish more, and most
of all, drive change.
I have the honour of working with Vicky and Abri Associates to research, relocate and settle my embassy staff in Ghana.  Vicky, along with her Team showed excellent support and professionalism. She led them with knowledge and care for the Client. Her work on this project was very satisfactory and we have maintained their Ghana office for future Real Estate needs.  I can confidently recomemend Vicky as solid, professional, reliable and experts in the field
Dante L. Arredondo
I can confidently recommend Vicky and Abri Team as solid, professional, reliable and experts in the field
 "The relationship Abri Team have with their Clients is simply amazing"   Philippine Tawiah   Plot L.1.6, Spintex Rd. Accra
Philippine Tawiah
"Abri Team is simply amazing"


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